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About Us

Our Story

Black Mountain Outdoors originally started out in 1994 as Harley's Shooting Sports. In 2008 we became an LLC and changed our name. The real Black Mountain is in the Arizona desert, right out our back door.

The owner of Black Mountain Outdoors, LLC started shooting target archery in Southern California in high school and won several local school championships. After high school he moved to Arizona where he persued a career as a firefighter. In 1994 he opened Harley's Shooting Sports. We now offer a wide variety of archery and hunting products through our pro shop and web site. We offer on site repairs and service as well as helping out fellow archers.


Our owner is passionate about the outdoors, hunting, camping, and shooting sports. When not in the office, we guarantee that you will find him out in the bush. Maybe he is trailering his fifth wheel and ATVs for a weekend of family camping, maybe he is taking his son elk hunting, or maybe he is or maybe he is stalking and tracking mule deer on foot. You never know what outdoor activity he will be up to, but you can be sure his mind is always on finding ways to make your (and his) outdoor experience better.


If there is anyone on the planet that will be happily surviving after an apocolypse, it will be Harley. Why? Well his resume includes business owner, fire chief, championship archer, trophy winning hunter, firearms instructor, hotshot wildland firefighter, husband, and dad. He is literly an encyclopedia of hunting, shooting, archery, and survival knowledge. 


You name it, we have it. We have the skill to provide you with the best products and advice for your next outdoor adventure. We have been there, done that. 


We know there are other online stores and pro-shops out there that you can choose from, so we know how important it is to provide you with the best customer service, speedy shipping, and excellent communication throughout the order process. One thing you can take heart in, is that you can trust we will take care of you. 


Just like you, we are real people. We are not some faceless corporation that is just interested in slinging as many widgets as possible on the internet. We are real outdoorsman that share your passion. 

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